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Challenge Day

In December, Templeton High was please to host Challenge Day as we focused on the social and emotional needs of students and staff on our campus.  Serving over 49 U.S. states, Canada, Belgium, and the Netherlands, Challenge Day is on a mission to create a world where every person in our communities feels safe, loved and celebrated.

Challenge Day is a nonprofit organization committed to building empathy and compassion in our communities. We help youth and adults unlearn harmful habits, experience vulnerability as a pillar to restore strength, and enable them to experience the freedom of full expression through the lens of compassion, connection, and diversity. In the past 5 years we have supported 300,000 students and 60,000 adults directly.

Students and faculty shared how meaningful the time.  One student said, "I never knew the challenges others were facing.  Challenge Day made me do two things. First, I made me realize how blessed I am and second I was confronted with my need to be there for others."