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Senior Walk

We have a tradition at THS where each year our graduating seniors, dressed in cap gown walk across our own campus and then through the tunnel and then across the middle school and elementary school campuses to signs, high fives, and cheering.  We call it "the Senior Walk".  It is a celebration in which and a way of demonstrating to younger students that hard work pays off.  It also gives our students an opportunity to see, celebrate and thank those teachers and staff members who have supported and encouraged our students through the years.  Many of our graduates started in the district in kindergarten and to have the opportunity to see those same teachers years down the line is a special time for both teachers and students.  

Senior Walk 2023

This year's THS Senior Walk will take place on May 31st as seniors will walk in cap and gown from Volunteer Stadium at THS through the high school campus and then on to through the middle school and elementary school campuses.  The walk begins at THS at 10:30am.