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Rodeo Team

2018-2019 THS Rodeo Roster

Ashley Lewis

Blayne Twiss

Samantha Massey
SAMANTHA MASSEY, Sophomore, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Breakaway Roping, Team Roping, Goat Tying, & Cutting

Years experience: 5 years in CHSRA

What's your favorite part about Rodeo? I enjoy the tough competition and meeting new people.

How did you make your start in rodeo? I grew up riding horses and my mom was in rodeo. 

What is your favorite rodeo experience or most memorable win? At State, I met a lot of new people and placed high against the best people in California.

What do you feel rodeo has taught you? It has taught me a lot about hard work and how you won't get anywhere without practice.

Which rodeo is your favorite and why? I enjoy the Mid-State Classic because it's very competitive.

Describe a typical day at the rodeo. I wake up around 5:30am, feed and saddle horses. I rodeo for 8-10 hours. Finally, I put the horses away and feed. 

How many hours a week do you practice? 12 hours. I have to stay strong because roping takes a lot of strength. It's more important to keep my horses in shape so they don't pull any muscles. 


Brandy Smith
BANDY SMITH, Sophomore

Mazie Wilson
MAZIE JO WILSON, Sophomore, Poles, Barrels, & Goat Tying

Years experience: 4 years

What is your favorite part of rodeo? My favorite part is being with all of the amazing people and animals.

How did you make your start into rodeo? My family got me into riding horses and then I wanted to compete and ride more. I have five horses. 

What do you want your classmates and community to know about rodeo? I would like them to know we love our animals and don't hurt them.

What do you feel like rodeo has taught you? I feel like rodeo has made me a tougher person.

Which is your favorite rodeo? Mid-State Classic because a lot of the rodeo teams come out.

How much do you practice? I ride every day and try to get through as many horses as possible and yes, I have to be in very good shape.


Kadin Javadi
KADIN JAVADI, Freshman, Team Roping, Tie Down, & Cutting

Years experience: 9 years

What is your favorite part of rodeo? My favorite part is I get to spend time with my friends and meet new people.

Why do you enjoy competing for THS? I like the adrenaline and the competitiveness. 

Tell us about your horse. "Clyde" is my tie-down horse and I made it to State Finals on him twice. "Tank" is my team-roping horse; I made it to State on him once. "Boogie" is my cutting horse. 

Teach us one new rodeo vocabulary word or phrase: CINCH = to tighten or hold down the saddle tight so you can make a run.

What do you want your classmates and community to know about rodeo? Rodeo does not abuse animals. These techniques are used daily on ranches to take care of the animals.

What has rodeo taught you? Rodeo has taught me how to lose, be respectful, and be tough. It has made me a tougher person because you get hurt a lot. 

Describe a typical day at the rodeo. Get up early, feed horses, ground rules meeting, warm up horses, and compete!

How many hours a week do you practice? 15 hours a week. You have to be flexible and be in good shape. Same goes with the horse. 



Dakota Togerson


Want more info about local high school rodeo? Check out the California High School Rodeo Association, District 7 HERE

2018-19 SCHEDULE

The 2018-19 Rodeo Schedule can be found here: 2018-2019_schedule HS Rodeo


Madonna Inn Rodeo Results

  • Blayne Twisselman - 2nd Place in the Average in Team Roping
  • Samantha Massey - 2nd Place in Pole Bending; 5th Place in Barrel Racing; 3rd Place in Team Roping; 4th Place in Goat Tying
  • Ashley Lewis - 3rd Place in Pole Bending; 5th Place in Breakaway Roping
  • Bandy Smith - 4th Place in Calf Roping
  • Kadin Javadi - 1st Place in Team Roping
  • Harrison Orradre - 1st Place Tie Down Roping, 9th Place in Team Roping
  • Mazie Jo Wilson - Didn't not compete due to injured horse.