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Student Council Meetings

Council meeting

Frequently asked questions

Q:  When are Student Council Meetings?

A:  Regularly scheduled meetings are held in Mr. Mac's room on the first Wednesday of each month.

Q:  Who can attend?

A:  Student Council meetings are open to students and staff of Templeton High.  Guests are also welcome with approval of the ASB President and Mr. Mac.

Q:  What is the purpose of the Student Council meeting?

A:  Student Council meetings are a place where leaders of the student government as well as club leaders meet to discuss school wide issues, announce upcoming ASB and club events, as well as a place for students to bring their concerns.

Q:  Who can speak at a Student Council Meeting?

A:  ASB leaders and club representatives will do the most speaking at the meetings.  However, anyone is welcome to speak during the "Open Comment" section held at the beginning of the meeting.

Q:  If I have a bigger concern how can I get it on the agenda?

A: You may have your concern or area of interested added to the agenda to be discussed by our student leaders by contacting the Mr. Mac, ASB President, Helia Bushong, or the ASB Secretary, Claire Oppedahl, or one of your class officers.