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ASB Leaders

asb officers

ASB officers

From left to right: Austin Marquart- ASB Vice President, Claire Oppedahl- ASB Secretary, Helia Bushong- ASB President, Abigail Cook- ASB Treasurer

senior class officers

Class Officers

Left to Right:  Mariana Perez- Secretary, Maddie Bobbitt- President, Ava Lawrence- Vice President

Junior class officers

Class Officers

Left to Right:  Brynn Bajema- Vice President, Megan Rubin- Secretary, Ella Thompson- President 

Sophomore Class officers

Class Officers

Left to Right:  JD Black- President, Kerry Denzel- Vice President, Katie Denissen- Secretary

Freshman class officers

Class Officers

Left to Right:  Bo Swan- Vice President, Addy George- Secretary, Spencer Sanders- President 

frequently asked  questions

Q:  How are officers chosen?

A:  Class officers are elected by their prospective classes.   ASB officers are voted on by the entire school.

Q:  What are the qualifications to run for office?

A:  According to the THS ASB Constitution, candidates must meet the following academic qualifications "... possessing no Us, Ds or Fs on his/her most current school report card and a GPA of at least 2.5."  Additionally there is paperwork that must be filled out completely and accurately and be turned in by an assigned deadline.

There is traditionally an interest meeting that is held in March or April for those students who are interested in being part of the ASB class.

Q:  What is the role of ASB and Class Officers?

A:  ASB and Class officers are given the responsibility of leading their classes.  This includes overseeing activities and events related to their groups of students as well as meeting the needs and taking care of their concerns.

Q:  How can I find out more about how the school government works?

A:  Like other governments, the THS ASB is governed by a constitution and by laws, sets of rules and regulations that direct them on how business, elections, meetings and other activities are supposed to be run.  Here are links to our ASB Constitution and our THS ASB Bylaws.