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Student Senate

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Purpose: The Templeton High School Student Senate is designed to be a representative body of leaders from a variety of groups who meet monthly to discuss upcoming events, air grievances, problem solve challenges and be a voice for the student body.  They will be the central focus of giving students representatives an opportunity to participate in the running of their school.

Student Senators Selection:  One Senator and one alternate will be chosen from each class from the specific color class selected by the THS ASB Executive Board.  The name and an alternate will be chosen in a way specified by the classroom teacher.  Those names will be given to the ASB Secretary by the 1st of September.  Because this is a position of leadership at our school, a Student Senator should be someone who exemplifies responsibility and character.

Responsibilities:  The Student Senator, or alternate, will be responsible for representing their class at monthly Student Council meetings held the first Tuesday of each month.  They will vote on issues brought before the Student Senate as well as bringing concerns or opinions from their class to the meeting.  It will additionally be their responsibility to report back to their class on items discussed during the meeting.

Meeting Times and Location:  The Senate will have regularly scheduled meetings during lunch the first Tuesday of each month in Mr. Mac’s room, B-11.

Oversight of the Senate Meetings:  The ASB Secretary will post the agenda on the Student Senate webpage on Schoolloop a week in advance so that all Senators and Club Presidents are aware of items that will be discussed.  If a Senator or Club President would like to have an item added to the agenda they should contact the ASB President or Secretary to have it added.  Each Senate meeting will be chaired by the ASB President or, in the case of the absence of the ASB President, will be chaired by the ASB Vice President.  Robert’s Rules of Order will be used to make sure the meeting is run in an orderly and official way.


Meetings are concluded for this school year.

(*Click on link for agenda)

Next Meeting:

September 5, 2023

FALL 2024




  • Senators from each G2 class as selected by their class.
  • Class Officers
  • Class Representatives
  • ASB Executive Board Members
  • Club Presidents, or their representatives
  • School Board of Trustees Student Representative


Abby Cook, ASB President

Heer Shinglot, Student Trustee, Templeton Board of Trustees

Katie Denissen, ASB Secretary