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Club Introductions

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Link Crew is for people who enjoy making a difference on campus. Link Crew is a Freshman transition program that welcomes incoming Freshmen and helps them to feel comfortable and supported throughout the first year of their high school experience. Some of Link Crew's more popular events include "Pie Day", "Freshman Orientation", Kahoots' Trivial Battles, and their Grilled Cheese Cookoffs. Link Crew is an elective class as well as a club. An informational meeting for those interested is held each March. See Mr. Mac for more information.
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"Sit with us"

Sit With Us is an all inclusive club that gives people a place to be at lunch. The club provides an opportunity to meet new people in a relaxed setting.  All are welcome and invited to take part.  One of the most popular events that Sit With Us organizes is chalk drawing in the quad.

Friday Night Live Group Picture

friday night live

The Friday Night Live (FNL) program is designed for high school-aged young people. It is motivated by youth-adult partnerships that create essential and powerful opportunities that enhance and improve local communities. Community service, social action activities, participation in advocacy for safe and healthy environments, and promotion of healthy policies are organized by youth to appeal to youth.  Some of the more popular events that are put on by FNL are the Awareness Gallery, Every 15 Minutes and Mock Rock.

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full house

Full House Club is a popular club for anyone who enjoys card games and meeting new people. All are welcome, and there is always room for more people.  Need more information, see Katelyn Frey or Kiara Stanfield.

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