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Club Introductions


Ever needed to find a class or needed someone to talk to! Find a Link Crew leader to help! Link Crew helps new students and Freshmen find their way around THS. Link Crew members also supports the campus in many ways like raising money for charities and local events.

If you have any questions, ask Mr. Mac or Ashley Lewis in B-11!

Mock Trial

"Mock Trial is a great place for students to learn many valuable skills such as public speaking, acting, and thinking on your feet. It's also a fun place to compete by arguing a real case in a real courtroom." -Mrs. Warren

This club takes many exciting trips! They go to Carmel to compete with other mock trial teamsas well as at the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse in February. Any questions? See Blake Fardanesh or Mrs. Warren!

Aviation CLub 

"It's a place to learn and gain experiences in all fields of aviation." -Aiden Bajema, Aviation club member

Aviation club brings new opportunities for students at THS through community service, field trips, and hands on simulator practice. If you are interested in a career in aviation, this would be an awesome club for you! Club meetings and locations vary so contact Mr. Carter for more info. 

QSA (Queer straight alliance)

"QSA is a club devoted to providing a safe and fun place for LGBTQ+ students and allies to talk about the hardships or joy involved in being a part of this wonderful community!" -Sydney Pruitt

Have questions? See Koby Wescom for any questions!

Drama Club

"Drama club is about sharing enthusiasm of theater arts. We play games as well as do school-wide events. Everyone is welcome, you don't have to be in a drama class to be in drama club!" -Sean Cooper 

SWE/Wish Club

"We're a club that supports girls in the engineering field and explore different engineering paths through projects and field trips!" -Jessica Shapero

Come join us on Wednesday's in Diodati's room. Learn how to use the laser cutter, 3D printer, embroidering machine and other machine! Have any questions? Ask Peyton TenEyck or Ashley Rosilez for more information!

Check Mates Club

Come learn how to play chess and even compete against other players. Go to Ms. Cherry's Room on Tuesdays at lunch! For more information, see Merek Hall.

Choir Club

Come join us on Fridays in Mr. Lander's Room at lunch! If you want to become a better singer or do not sing, you are all welcome. Learn how to sing with a group of people in harmony. Meet new people! 

Robotics Club

Come to Mr. Carter's Room on Mondays at lunch! For more information, ask Austin D'Aquisto. 


FFA is a club that changes your life! FFA develops members’ potential and helps them discover their talent through hands-on experiences, which give members the tools to achieve real-world success.

Members are future chemists, veterinarians, government officials, entrepreneurs, bankers, international business leaders, teachers and premier professionals in many career fields.

For any questions See Dean Hill for more questions!

Interact Club

The Interact Club is affiliated with the Rotary Club for its young members. Come help serve the community with us! We meet in Mrs. Barnes Room on Monday at lunch. For more information, ask Natalie Leavitt for more information. 

Fishing Club

"The fishing club is a club where kids can go fish and talk about fishing. During meetings we talk about what baits are working, where the best places to fish are, and also we coordinate where we can all go to fish. We have 2 boats and fish the lakes a lot. We are fishing tournaments and other competitions as a team." - Ryan Domingos

friday night live

Friday Night Live (FNL), helps promote teen safety and awareness of mental health, drugs and drinking while driving. Come help make an impact on our campus!

FNL meets in Mr. Philips room at lunch on Thursdays!

Feminst Club

 If you want to fight for womens rights come to Mrs. Warren's room, D-7, on Wednesday. This club is for anyone who wants to support the females to take charge and control their future! Have any questions?

See Sage Gleason or Mrs. Warren!

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Need some motivation to get through the week? Come to FCA Monday's at lunch!

"FCA is here to provide a space where people can just be themselves and get to know Jesus personally. We play games, watch videos and eat pizza, as well as have discussions about things that are relevant in our lives ans so much more!" Have any questions? See Mrs. Duhon for details. 


CSF is a state-wide honors association that recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. Make sure to keep your grades up and come meet up in January to sign up for the next semester! Have questions? See Ashley Rosilez or Mr. Mac for any questions!

Science Bowl

If you like to have fun with friends and are generally knowledgeable about science and math, then this is YOUR club!

"Jeopardy but for science and math" -Blake F. See Mr. Diodati or Blake Fardanesh for any questions about the club!


Environmental Club

Come learn about things you can do to help our world from conserving energy to renewable products. Lets make a difference together!

See Sage Gleason or Mrs. Breffle for more information.

Spikeball Club

"Spikeball Club is about getting people outdoors and playing the game. We organize tournaments both at school and often plan games for weekends and such at local parks." @ths_spikeballclub -Sam Alsup

Dungeons and Dragons

Come play D&D: a popular tabletop roleplaying game! Come play with us on Fridays during lunch in Mrs. Kline's Room. Ask Mackinzie Currin for more information!

Letterman's Club

Come to Mrs. Cherry's Room at lunch on Fridays. Ask Tyler Werner for more information!

Rock and Roll Club

"Rock and Roll club is a place where musicians can come to play music with friends, learn new instruments, take part in musical challenges, and share their favorite songs. It is a club where we both play music and learn cool things about music." -Thomas Choboter

Ping Pong Club

If you like playing Ping Pong, here's your chance to practice your skills! Come to the quad on Wednesdays. For more information ask Zach Headington for more information!

Yard Sports

Come join us on Wednesdays at lunch in Mrs. Cherry's Room to play yard sports! Ask Will Costick for more information. 

Pop Culture Club

See Ethan Oppendal for more information