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Starting a Club

Chartering a Club

Every year we have a lot of great clubs that cover a wide variety of interests.  But every year these clubs need to be rechartered, meaning that someone has to complete the paperwork necessary for a club to be officially sanctioned by the student government with leaders who will agree to oversee the running of these clubs.

Here is what you need to know about starting a new club or rechartering one of our more traditional clubs.  

  1. Find out if the club already exists or if someone has already started the paperwork to recharter a club.  You can do this by talking to the Club Commissioner Kaitlynn Kaslionis or Mr. Mac.
  2. Complete the club paperwork completely and share it digitally as explained in the paperwork.  If you need help contact our club commissioner or Mr. Mac.  Please make sure to read through the charter and if you have any questions please talk with the club commissioner or Mr. Mac.
  3. Bring a completed copy of the paperwork to our Student Senate meeting on the first Tuesday or September of October and be ready to present it to the Senate for approval.  Also please share the digital copy with the club commissioner and others as listed on the paperwork so they have a copy as well.
  4. A helpful hint is to choose carefully what day your club will meet.  Sometimes a large number of clubs meet on the same day which can mean that someone who might normally go to your club can't because they are interested in another one.  So talk with the club commissioner or Mr. Mac to see when other clubs meet.
  5. After your club is approved you will be encouraged to create a one minute or less intro video that the student government will post so that others can become familiar with your club and possibly join.  See examples of these videos on the right.

Sample Intro Videos

Why Start a Club?

Clubs are an important part of the life of our school.  By starting one or being part of one you are bringing people with similar interests together to build friendships and memories.  Being part of a club or leading a club are great things to add to your college applications.  Being a club leader gives you a seat on the Student Senate which gives you a voice in how our school is run.