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wingmen white out


Josh Kaiser
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what's a wingman?

Everyone is a wingman at THS

Wingmen are a group of spirited THS students who bring spirit to our campus and to our activities.   They are easy to find.  They are always in the student section and usually have face paint to show their spirit.
Interested in joining in their activities?  That is easy.  See Mr. Mac or any of their leaders:
Ashley Pascual, Calli Moore, Bekah Coles, Josh Kaiser, Mazie Jo Wilson, Merek Hall or Dylan Palm.
Signup for the Wingman Remind account so you are up to date on their activities.
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football tailgates

THS students are invited to join the Wingmen tailgate before each home football game in the senior lot from 5:15-6:15.  BBQ hot dogs, corn hole, music, face paint.  Bring something to share and help us get ready for the game.

human tunnel

Help the Wingmen form a human tunnel as they welcome our football team to the field before each home game begins.  Everyone - THS students, parents, middle schoolers - are invited to take part.  Meet by the "Spirit Shack" 15 minutes before game time.  This is a great way to get our guys hyped for the night's game and a great way to show your school spirit.


Wingmen love to help you get in the spirit of the game with face paint.  Look for them by the "Spirit Shack".  Have a favorite player?  Show it with their number painted on your cheek free of charge.

ernie the eagle

Ernie the Eagle is a crowd favorite.  If you are interested in "being" Ernie talk to Mr. Mac.  We are always looking for students who are spirited who want to either be Ernie or help Ernie during our games.


wingmen's greatest hits

volleyball tunnel

wingmen on ksby

friday night football at ths

wingmen can dance

rollercoaster time

mannequin challenge

you wish you were an eagle