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ASB Dances


Homecoming Dance Picture

THS Homecoming Dance is held on the Saturday following the Homecoming football game.  This dance is organized and sponsored by the Sophomore class.  The 2019 Homecoming Dance was held in the new quad and was attended by nearly 300 students.

Homecoming Dance Picture
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winter formal

Winter Formal Dance Picture

THS Winter Formal is held typically in January or February.  This dance is organized and sponsored by the Senior class but is open to everyone.  Winter formal is held off campus and is a "semi-formal" event and is open to all THS students.

Winter Formal Dance Picture
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sadie hawkins dance

Group Dance Picture

Traditionally the "Sadie Hawkins" dance is a dance in which girls do the inviting.  But of course anyone can come with a partner, by themselves or in a group.  Come and have fun.  This dance is sponsored by the Freshman class but is open to all grades.

Group Dance Picture
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the prom

Prom Dance Picture

The Prom is traditionally held in May and is a semi formal/formal dance.  This dance is sponsored by the junior class and is held at a more prominent place.  It is the most expensive of the school dances but is also well worth the expense.  Note:  to attend this dance you must be a junior or a senior or be the guest of a junior or a senior.

Prom Dance Picture

frequently asked dance questions

Q:  What are the dates of the ASB sponsored dances?

A:  This year's ASB scheduled dances:

  • Homecoming - Saturday, October 12th
  • Winter Formal - Saturday, January 18th
  • Sadie Hawkins - Saturday, March 21st
  • Prom - Saturday, May 9th

Q:  Can any THS student attend a dance?

A:  In most cases yes.  The Prom is different however.  The THS Prom is only open to juniors and seniors and those who are invited by a junior or senior.  In other words a freshman or sophomore could attend the prom but they must be the guest of a THS junior or senior.

Q:  Are there any other restrictions on attending a dance?

A:  There are behavior and disciplinary conditions that apply to your eligibility.  If you have further questions about this see Mr. Mac, the assistant principal or the school handbook.

Q:  How much do dances cost?

A:  Prices vary for each dance based on the venue.  There is a discounted price for those students who have an ASB sticker.  If tickets are sold at the door there is an additional cost associated.

Q:  Do I need to have a date to come to a dance?

A:  No.  Some people bring a date, some come with a friend, some come by themselves and some come with a group.  All are perfectly acceptable.

Q:  How do I buy a ticket?

A:  Tickets are on sale the week of the dance and can be purchased from Sheila in Administration.

Q: Can I bring someone from another school?

A:  Yes, in most cases.  Pick up a "Dance Guest" form in the office and check the rules.  Make sure to fill it out completely and return it back to the assistant principal at least 48 hours in advance of the dance.