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THS Faculty and Staff

Contact Yolanda Aguirre  Yolanda Aguirre Teacher/Foreign Language
Contact Shawn Barnes  Shawn Barnes Teacher/Social Science
Contact Joanne Breffle  Joanne Breffle Teacher/Science
Contact Donna Bruce  Donna Bruce Staff
Contact Lindsay Franklin  Lindsay Franklin Staff
Contact Megan Cannon  Megan Cannon Teacher/Science
Contact Maria Carroll  Maria Carroll Counselor
Contact Michael Carter  Michael Carter Teacher
Contact Brady Cerda  Brady Cerda Teacher
Contact Emily Cherry  Emily Cherry Teacher
Contact Krys Chivens  Krys Chivens Teacher/Social Science
Contact Brandi Crivello  Brandi Crivello Teacher
Contact Daniel Davis  Daniel Davis Teacher
Contact Cindy Deaser  Cindy Deaser Paraeducator
Contact Sheila Delisle  Sheila Delisle Staff
Contact Jason Diodati  Jason Diodati Teacher
Contact Vanessa Duhon  Vanessa Duhon Teacher/Mathematics
Contact Suzanne Dutra  Suzanne Dutra Teacher
Contact Kat Elliott  Kat Elliott Attendance Clerk
Contact Katherine Finstuen  Katherine Finstuen Teacher/English-Language Arts
Contact Suzanne Forzetting  Suzanne Forzetting Teacher
Contact Shelli Foust  Shelli Foust Teacher
Contact Amy Fraser  Amy Fraser Teacher
Contact Rocio Garcia  Rocio Garcia Teacher
Contact Breanna Goetz  Breanna Goetz Counselor
Contact Randy Gray  Randy Gray Teacher
Contact Paula Hansen  Paula Hansen Teacher/Social Science
Contact Dave Harper  Dave Harper Teacher/Physical Education/Football Coach
Contact Chris Hildebrand  Chris Hildebrand Teacher/Vocational Technology
Contact Phil James  Phil James Teacher
Contact Lenora Jeter  Lenora Jeter Counselor
Contact Moises Jimenez  Moises Jimenez Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Johnson  Elizabeth Johnson Teacher/English-Language Arts
Contact Kim King  Kim King Teacher/Resource
Contact Catherine Kingsbury  Catherine Kingsbury Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Kline  Elizabeth Kline Teacher
Contact David Landers  David Landers Teacher/Fine Arts
Contact Tyler Lane  Tyler Lane Teacher
Contact Tyler LaSalle  Tyler LaSalle Teacher
Contact Stephanie LeClair  Stephanie LeClair Teacher/English-Language Arts
Contact Erik Lewis  Erik Lewis Principal
Contact Matt Macfarlane  Matt Macfarlane Teacher
Contact Cece Mayer  Cece Mayer Teacher/Mathematics
Contact Diane Mayfield  Diane Mayfield Teacher/English-Language Arts
Contact Karen McCaffrey  Karen McCaffrey Teacher/Resource Specialist, Sp Ed Dept Chair
Contact Anna Mesmer  Anna Mesmer Teacher
Contact Hannah Motta  Hannah Motta Teacher
Contact Michelle Mummert  Michelle Mummert Paraeducator
Contact Nancy Needham  Nancy Needham Assistant Principal
Contact Valerie Reynolds  Valerie Reynolds Teacher/Physical Education
Contact Teresa Scott  Teresa Scott (805) 434-5893 Registrar
Contact Richard Sullenger  Richard Sullenger Teacher
Contact Haley Warren  Haley Warren Teacher
Contact Benjamin Weinberger  Benjamin Weinberger Teacher
Contact Davina White  Davina White Teacher
Contact Lara Wilson  Lara Wilson Teacher/Science
Contact Amber Wislersham  Amber Wislersham Teacher