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We sincerely appreciate your support of your athlete, team, coaches and the THS Athletic Department. In order to allow everyone involved to enjoy a positive athletic experience, please read and sign below.

As a parent, I understand it is my responsibility to:

  1. Place academic achievement as the highest priority.
  2. Show respect for our team and coaches, the opposing team and coaches, officials, and athletic department staff.
  3. Refrain from negative comments about my child’s coach in my child’s presence so that I do not negatively influence my child’s motivation and overall experience.
  4. Engage in “no-directions” cheering, limiting my comments during the game to encourage my child and other players.
  5. Use positive encouragement to cheer on my child and his/her teammates. I will not make negative comments to the opponent’s players or coaches, nor the officials.
  6. Model good sportsmanship for my athlete, as I know I represent my team and school.
  7. Refrain from the use of profanity, vulgarity, and other offensive language and gestures.
  8. Require my child to refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal and non-prescriptive drugs, anabolic steroids, or any substance to increase physical development or performance.
  9. Model a “win with character, lose with dignity” attitude.

2020-21 THS Athletics Handbook Highlights

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Handbook Highlights

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Here at THS Athletics, the two questions we get most often are:

1. “How can I help our coach?”

2. “How can I help the Athletic Department?”

We always appreciate donations and volunteer--always--but that’s not what makes us most successful. If you really, really want to help, parents can make a direct, positive impact on the THS Athletics Department by:

1. Teaching and requiring your athlete to be a selfless teammate, servant leader, good citizen, and a positive role model.

2. Teaching your athlete to always keep persevering; “giving up” is not an option. Hard work always pays off and going the extra mile is always noticed.

3. Speaking positively about your athlete’s coach/teacher at the dinner table. Instead of speaking in a negative manner, suggest helpful, constructive ways in which your athlete may find a solution or, simply start a conversation.

4. Trusting you and your athlete’s coach are on the same team. We are! Keep in mind your athlete’s coach must be fair to your athlete, and a team comprised of 10-60 athletes. Criticisms and coaching aren’t personal to you or your athlete, so please don’t take them that way.

5. Instilling the confidence in your athlete necessary for them to communicate with their coaches and teammates when they have an issue. Athletes prefer speaking for themselves and it embarrassed them when someone speaks for them. Keep persevering until conflicts that arise are resolved.

6. Instilling the confidence necessary in your athlete for them to take responsibility for their actions and hold themselves accountable without the shame and guilt they think they need to feel.

7. Resisting the urge to immediately intervene when your athlete is faced with a challenge. RESIST. THE. URGE. This is a critical part of the learning process. High school athletics is the safest place your athlete will struggle, learn to overcome challenges, and even fail. I assure you, it’s a “supported” failure experience.

8. Fully relinquishing your athlete to his/her coaches for the season. Nothing confuses an athlete and creates tension and frustration more than hearing mixed messages between home and school. Please trust us to do our job—we know what we’re doing.

9. Not forcing your athlete to participate in sports. If you are worried they are going to have too much free time on their hands, we’re happy to help them explore new activities and find a new passion. No one wants an athlete on their team who really doesn’t want to be there.

If parents do one, some, or all of these things, you can help us succeed at an exponential rate and far surpass our opponents. Raising well-rounded, confident athletes will make us stronger and more united than any facility, shiny equipment, or the big-time coaching hire. Thanks for your support!