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in case you missed it...March 14th Review

During our March 14th meeting, we discussed: 

1) Types of communication: verbal, non-verbal, and written. 

2)  Communicating with officials, coaches, teammates, teachers, etc.

3) Paraverbal Communication: volume, inflection, cadence, tone, emphasis, and how it changes the meaning and perception of the message

4) Importance of clear, concise, accurate communication

5) Understanding communication is about how the message is received, not how the speaker thinks they relayed the message


Session 4_ Communication


Did you miss our meeting today 1/24?

Here's the powerpoint so you can catch up! Go Eagles!

Session 2_ What It Takes to Be a Leader


The THS Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, or SAAC, was established during the 2016-2017 school year as a way to address areas of development within the athletic department. SAAC representatives are chosen from each sport and program to help bridge the gap between administrative personnel and student-athletes. The two main areas of focus for the committee are: 


1) Be a voice for student-athletes both on their respective teams and throughout the department. Representatives as an advisor to the athletic director and share strengths, areas of development, and help determine the direction of the program. 


2) Learn and refine leadership skills necessary for the success of their team(s). Leadership attributes and skills taught include:

        a. exploring your leadership style and what attributes make up an effective leader

        b. promote team cohesion

        c. exhibit positive and confident body language

        d. positive self-talk 

        e. accountability and responsibility

        f. facing and overcoming adversity

        g. conflict resolution and problem solving

        h. communication

2017-18 SAAC Committee Members

Grace Alsup volleyball, soccer
Sam Alsup soccer, volleyball
Julia Aurignac basketball, track
Liv Bensen cheer
Rachel Blishak volleyball, basketball, swim
Abbey Brady volleyball
Eric Briltz cross country, baseball
Jenny Butz soccer, track
Tyler Ceja football, track
Quinn Chamblin tennis
Mikayla Colwell tennis
Vincent Corrella cross country, soccer, track
Iveth Cortes soccer, swim
Shaylyn Coy softball
Paige Cuddy cross country, track
Colton Cyester soccer
Sydney D'Acquisto soccer
Ashley Daugherty softball
Rob Doty football
Chase Erwin volleyball
Will Evans basketball
Branton Fouquet soccer
Justice Gibbons baseball
Abe Glossner soccer
Colby Grey tennis
Isaiah Harrold football, basketball, track
Karenna Heil tennis, swim
Dean Hill cross country, tennis
Aaron Huseby soccer
Savannah Juel volleyball
Josh Kaiser basketball
Mia Kline cross country, track
Tyler Kaschewski football, baseball
Adam Krulikowski socer
Makaila Landes soccer, softball
Nathan Lebens soccer
Korah Lipsit basketball, softball
Zack Logan football
Lizzie Magie soccer
Hailey Miller soccer, softball
Will Mitchell soccer
Ben Mount volleyball
Katie Murphee softball
Brenden Niller cross country, track
Arnel Osuna football, track
Charlie Raine cross country, soccer, track
Grace Ralston volleyball, swim
Isabel Smith track
Brynne Spurgeon softball
Kiara Stanfield cheer
Jordan Stowers basketball
Will Tedone basketball
Grace Thayer softball
Jack Trimble football, baseball
Payton Tucker softball
JoEllen Wall cheer, softball