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Varsity Coach:

Lindsey Taylor

JV Coach:

Sheila Delisle

Assistant Coaches: 

To be determined

Cheerleader of the year

2017-2018: Emily Tobin

2016-2017:  Ali Barton

2015-2016:  Hunter Maxwell


2019 Fall Cheer Calendar  can be found here! As always, schedules and calendars are schedule to change! 

Taylor 'excited' to take over THS CheerTaylorTHS is pleased to announce Coach Lindsey Taylor will be taking over the helm of Varsity Cheer! Coach Taylor brings with her a multitude of experience across athletics and the fine arts.

Coach Taylor started dancing and performing as a toddler and hasn’t stopped! She got her first taste of Drill, Cheer, and Dance teams in middle school and was hooked. She knows the positive impact being a part of a spirit squad can be and what it can do for you as a performer and a person overall. 

She attended Hamilton Academy of Music in Los Angeles where she studied dance and musical theater. After high school she went on to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York where she majored in musical theater and dance. 

Lindsey’s has more than five years of experience coaching high school cheer, stunt, and performance teams. She has choreographed everything from parades to full-length musical productions. When asked about what she looks forward to most about coaching at THS, she said, "being part of a strong and supportive community as well as helping our student-athletes feel strong and confident as they become young adults." 

Lindsey is a nutrition coach and a competitive weightlifter.  She looks forward to being a part of the THS team! 

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Cheer family
Cheer family
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THS Cheer Contract

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