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AP Exams

AP Exams 2019-2020

AP Exams are now available for purchase! 

This year, the cost of AP Exams are:

AP Seminar: $142

Other AP Exams: $100

You MAY be able to take the test late if you end up having a conflicting event or personal commitment. With the discretion of the AP Coordinator, there is no guarantee that you are able to take a test at a later time. 

Why the increased cost in tests? Sadly, the school no longer has the Block Grant which supplemented students costs last school year.

If you decide that you do not want to take an AP Exam after you order it, and would like a refund, talk with Mrs. Jeter (College Board's unused/ canceled exam fee is $40).

Ap Fee Waivers

Low-income students are eligible for AP Fee Waivers. If you qualify for this AP Exams will cost:

AP Seminar: $101

Other AP Exams: $53

To qualify you must be on OR add your name to the reduced lunch list for the 2019-2020 year. Ask your AP teacher or Mrs. Jeter for the AP Fee Waiver form.



Important Deadlines!

AP Fee Waiver form to Mrs. Jeter: 


Pay for AP Tests:


Notify Mrs. Jeter if late test is needed by: