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Senior Parent Night Info

Presentation from Senior Parent Night

Useful websites handout


Scholarships are available to every student in a variety of categories. The easiest way to see available scholarships is to go to the THS Scholarship webpage.  There are online sites for FREE information and applications.   Amanda Miller is our Scholarship Coordinator.  Tips:  Scholarships should be FREE and require no monetary investment or purchase.

Athletes and the NCAA Clearinghouse

Students wanting to pursue their sport in a NCAA college or university must register online through the clearinghouse.  The application fee is approx. $65.  Register online, print the two transcript release forms, and submit them both to Amanda Miller in the main office.

   Eligibility center

College Information and Preparation

Military and College Presentations! SIGN UP NOW!


With today’s ever-changing college admissions landscape, we thought it would be helpful to provide some guidance for university-bound juniors in regards to taking the SAT or ACT.

Click here for more information

College Night Presentation

Spring 2023 Presentations

Preparing for College Applications Part 1 Powerpoint (Spring 2023)

Preparing for College Applications Part 2 Powerpoint (Spring 2023)


Zoom Recording (Spring 2022)

Preparing for College Applications Part 1 (Zoom Recording - Spring 2022) 

Preparing for College Applications Part 2 (Zoom Recording - Spring 2022)


Beyond the UC & CSU Systems: How Private and Out-of-State Universities Can Be a Better Financial and Personality Fit for California Students
Featuring Independent Educational Consultant and Knowledge Worx 4 College founder Nagla Orlando with special guest University of Oregon Northern California Representative Loretta Klosterman.



Important FAFSA information for THS Seniors (FAQ)

When should I file the FAFSA?

As we enter the financial aid filing season, some questions come up
every year about filing the FAFSA.  Further FAFSA questions can be made
to the Federal Student Aid Programs at

Q: When should I file the FAFSA?

A: As early as possible! You can start filing the FAFSA as early at October 1st.

The state Cal Grant program and many state
college and university financial aid programs have a March 2 filing
deadline - but many schools and programs have earlier deadlines.
Some colleges ask that the FAFSA be filed as soon after October 1st as
possible!  The California Student Aid Commission advises students to
file as early as possible.  The FAFSA is filed online HERE

Q: How can I find out whether my college has an earlier financial aid
and scholarship filing deadline?

A: Visit the college financial aid website.  The federal and state
program deadline will be the same at most schools but institutional
scholarships frequently have deadlines in January.

Q: What else is required to meet financial aid filing requirements?

A:  For the state Cal Grant program a school certified GPA must also be
submitted by March 2nd.  THS submits the certified GPA's electronically!! 

For all others: Information on Cal Grant GPA submission can
be found HERE or e-mail   Colleges may also require additional
forms.  Students should visit the college financial aid website to
inquire what they need.

Q: Do I or my parents have to complete this years tax returns before we
can file the FAFSA?

A:  No.  The FAFSA asks whether the student and parents have already
filed, will file or won’t be filing with the  IRS.  If the FAFSA is
filed before taxes are filed, the student and parents provide the best
estimate of their income as possible, then later, when the actual taxes
are filed, they log back into FAFSA and add the actual figures.

Q: Shouldn’t I wait to file the FAFSA until my parent’s taxes are

A: No.  File as soon as you can, then correct the FAFSA later.  The
FAFSA allows students and parents to import their final tax information
from the IRS starting about two weeks after the return is filed.  This
makes is very easy to update the tax info later.

Q: What questions will I have to answer on the FAFSA?

A: The FAFSA questions are all on the FAFSA on the Web worksheet.  The
worksheet can be completed before sitting down to file the FAFSA.  By
completing the FAFSA on the Web worksheet, students and parents can have
all of the answers ready for entry, including their 2017 year financial
information.  The FOTW Worksheet can be found online HERE


California State Universities

All CSU applications will be available online October 1 - November 30. 

Click  HERE to learn which California Universities are in the CSU system.


California Community Colleges

California community colleges offer great and affordable opportunities for your future, including certificate and proficiency programs, associate degrees, and transfers to our bigger state universities, UC or CSU.  Click on the link below for valuable search information throughout the california community college system.  You can search by academic area, in depth, and/or geographical area.  Explore links from the results!!


University of California

University of California applications are available online now with submission dates from November 1 through November 30. Click Here to go directly to the University of California Website. You'll be able to research all of the locations and gain information on admission requirements, majors, and answers to your questions about each campus. You will also be able to apply from this website.

College application guidance - fall 2020


SAT/ACT Scores

SAT Subject Test scores

Letter of Rec.

Personal Statement/Essay


California State University (CSU)

Test Blind- can send/report for college math/English placement

Test Blind



Not unless asked for and after graduation

University of California (UC)

Headed toward all campuses being Test Blind- all are Test Optional and some are Test Blind

Test Optional or Test Blind although headed to all being Test Blind



Not unless asked for and after graduation

Out of State

Almost all are Test Optional or Test Blind.  Some are still requiring scores for merit aide

Check each campus, most are Test Optional or Test Blind

Usually, yes

Usually, yes

Yes-send with application.  If on Common App, counselor will send for you


Almost all are Test Optional or Test Blind.  Some are still requiring scores for merit aide

Check each campus, most are Test Optional or Test Blind

Usually, yes

Usually, Yes

Yes-send with application.  If on Common App, counselor will send for you

Common Application

Almost all are Test Optional or Test Blind.  Some are still requiring scores for merit aide agency

Check each campus, most are Test Optional or Test Blind

Yes-usually 2 teacher and 1 counselor


Yes, sent by Counselor




Applications for California State Universities are accepted online between October 1 and December 4th. More information

Applications for the University of California are accepted online between November 1-30. 

University of California Link.

Contact your counselor to obtain a copy of your transcript and to discuss your plans.

All seniors will be invited and encouraged to participate in the application, assessment, and orientation for Cuesta Community College.  More information will be available through your counselors and delivered to your senior classes.  Typically the application process takes place at THS during the month of December.

UC Personal Insight Questions

Click on the file link...     Personal Insight Questions, information and tips on writing this section of your UC application.

College Preparation

THS provides its students with excellent opportunites to be more than eligible to gain acceptance to public, private, in and out of state 4yr colleges and universities.  Students must complete their college preparatory courses with C's or better in order to remain eligible.  A's and B's are highly recommended because colleges prefer applicants with 3.0 GPAs and above.  Colleges also require college admission tests, prior to the application process.  College entrance is becoming more competitive each year.  Be prepared!  Work hard!  Focus on your studies!  Start your college research early.  Valuable links are at the bottom of this page.

SAT and ACT Exam Information

Minimum Requirements for UC and CSU

These requirements must be met in order to be eligible to attend a four- year college right after high school.  Any student can attend a Community College for General Education units and then transfer as a junior to a four-year College/University.


  • 4 Years of College Prep, Honors, or AP English
  • 2 Years of Social Sciences, one year of World History and one year of US History OR a semester of US History and a semester of Civics
  • 3 Years of College Prep Mathematics, including Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II (4 recommended)
  • 2 Years of College Prep Lab Sciences, including 1 Life and 1 Physical (3 highly recommended)
  • 2 Years of the same Foreign Language (3 or more highly recommended)
  • 1 Year of Traditional Fine Art
  • 1 Year of College Preparatory Elective (examples could include World Geography and World History) 

In addition to these MINIMUM requirements students must also complete entrance exams. The SAT Reasoning or ACT is required for nearly all four year colleges and universities. The UC system no longer requires two SAT Subject Exams, but they highly recommend them in order to make students more competitive. 

Useful College links for additional information and applications

Letters of Recommendation

Students should complete Letter of Recommendation Packet prior to asking a teacher or counselor for a letter of recommendation.  The completed form can be copied and given to each prospective recommender. It is also advisable to provide the recommender with a copy of your transcript.

CSU, California State Universities

This is a great site with a plethora of information including: college major information, campus matching assistant, admissions, the application, campus facts, and comparative views.

Information here

SAT code for CSUmentor is 3594

Start using the High School Planner now to help you plan and track your progress in meeting the CSU subject requirements.   This includes great planning tools for 9-12 grade students.  Start your preparation early!


CSU Preview Days


College Prep Classes at THS

UC/CSU approved courses

Click on the link above for access to the UC/CSU approved high school courses

Helpful Links to Choosing the Right College

Choosing a College  - A link to 20 questions that will help you narrow your college search.



Campus Explorer is a new college search engine that aims to help students determine which college is the best match for them. Students enter information such as their SAT or ACT scores and grade-point average, and the site determines which schools they are eligible for. The site then matches students with specific schools on this list, based on the preferences they indicate on topics such as distance from home, academic interests, and their financial situation. The site lists both two- and four-year institutions, as well as trade schools and career education options, with more than 6,000 schools included in its database. The site's creators say they wanted to help students determine which college fits them the best in an education system where the student-to-counselor ratio is often 250 to 1. 

Campus Explorer