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High School Graduation

THS Graduation Requirements

 4 years   English                                           40 units

 4 years   Social Science                               40 units

 4 years   Mathematics                                  40 units (30 units)

      (Must include 1 year of Algebra I and a year of Geometry)

 4 years   Science                                          40 units (30 units)

      (Must include 1 year of a Life and a Physical Science)

 2 years   Physical Education                         20 units

      (Students must pass 5 of 6 Phys. Fit. exams to meet a min. 2 yr. req.)

 1 year     Fine Art                                           10 units

 1 year     Practical Art                                    10 units

 1 year     Health/Fresh Seminar                    10 units

 1 year     CTE course/Practical Art                10 units

 General Electives                                          50 units

                Total…………………………..................270 units

 (Reflects required units for the current senior's academic year)


High school Planning


Senate Bill 172 has been signed by Governor Brown which suspends the administration of the CAHSEE for the next 3 years. Therefore, the CAHSEE will not be administered this year or required of THS graduates to earn a diploma at in the 2015-2016 school year.