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Executive Officers 2022-23

President - Vicki van den Eikhof

Vice President - Britt Fairchild

Secretary - Kristin Finefrock

Treasurer - Sarah Maggelet

Phone #: (805) 591-4770

Drama Boosters

Become a drama booster!

Two eagles, one with a smile and one with a frown

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2022-23 Season


Nov. 3-5 and 10 & 12, 2022


March 23-25, 30-31; April 1, 2023

Purpose & Mission

THS Drama Boosters believe that a successful Drama program creates opportunities for students to grow in confidence while they discover their talents. It also provides opportunities to learn important life skills and values, such as perseverance, respect for themselves and others (including youth and adult leaders), hard work, leadership, teamwork, setting and achieving goals, communications skills and the importance of commitment.  

We believe that live theater is a benefit to the entire community. We support Templeton High School Drama, which we believe is an example of excellence in theatre arts education.

We believe in the power of live theatre to transform the lives of those who participate, including the audience. 

To find out more, visit our website.