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Nicole Taylor 


Rosalie Smith

Cross Country

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Coach's corner

Welcome to THS Summer Conditioning. Practice will officially begin on Wednesday July 6th. We will meet at THS in front of the gym at 7 am. The time may change depending on my work schedule.

Summer conditioning is very important! Cross Country is a sport that takes some preparation. Meaning, unless you have already been running you can’t just decide to run one day. Coach Rosalie and I are aware that summer vacation is just that… family vacations, time with friends and relaxing from the school year. We make a commitment to our athletes to be there at every practice and give 100% effort and we expect the same in return. Cross Country is a commitment which requires regular attendance and effort.


In the meantime, there are some things you can do to prepare for conditioning.


Ideally, we would like everyone to be able to run 3 miles at a consistent pace. It doesn’t have to be fast, but in order to maximize our summer conditioning and be adequately prepared for our first meet on September 3rd. It is really important that you are conditioned before our first meet. Year after year we have athletes decide to run cross country the first week of school without any summer conditioning, which results in three things;


  1. They try to keep up with all the athletes who have been conditioning all summer get frustrated and quit
  2. They try to do too much to soon and get injured
  3. They spend the entire season conditioning


If you have not been running here is how you start…

Start with 15 minutes. Run, at a consistent pace which you feel you can maintain (not a full sprint) until you feel that you need to take a break. Walk until you feel like you can run again. Repeat this cycle until the 15 minutes has elapsed. Do this for 3 -4 times the first week. Once you can run for 15 minutes at a consistent pace, progress to 20 minutes. Keep this progression (at least a 5 minute increase per week) until you can run for 30 minutes without stopping or walking.


Before you run, Do not stretch! Follow the link to learn how to do a dynamic warm up. It is never good to stretch cold muscles. Stretching is for after you run. 


Before you can practice with us, there is some administrative tasks you must complete;

1. You need to have completed your family id registration.

2. You must also have a current physical

3. You must be approved by the athletic director.


Coach Rosalie and I are looking forward to a great season! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Nicole Taylor

Rosalie Smith


We look forward to seeing all of our returning athletes and meeting new. 


Coach Nicole & Coach Rosalie


If you are interested in running before practice starts or even on the non-practice days, look into Templeton Run Club. We normally meet on Tuesday mornings, Thursday evenings and Saturday Mornings. This club is not associated with the school.


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