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Andrew Cherry

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Chris Thomas

Dakota Oropeza







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Morro Bay


Orcutt Academy


Santa Maria

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CIF Central Section Playoff Division 3

Boys Basketball

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THS Basketball – Program Team Levels and Who Plays Where

The THS Boys' Basketball Program is just that, a "program" and not individually silo'd teams.  As such, I wanted to communicate with parents and players that essentially they should not view the teams as “grade-leveled” teams.  Rather, the teams should be viewed as competitive development teams, much like the NBA D-Leagues. 

As someone who has coached all these levels, it is very hard sometimes for parents and players to understand the differences.  In the end, all of our lower level teams (Frosh and JV) are meant to feed into our Varsity level team. They are meant to teach all the great aspects of teamwork young adults need, but also set a foundation for the future success of our program as a whole which is generally defined by the success of the Varsity level team.  This does not mean they are not competitive, nor does it mean they are secondary in any way.  It simply means like any “farm” system, these teams are used by the coaching staff to both develop the individual player at the same time they are setting up the program for success by getting them ready to be the next varsity team members and teaching them they are part of something much bigger than just themselves, or the team they are currently on.

Given this, the THS Program will be running our program much like most successful programs do when they have the fortune of Freshmen, JV, and Varsity level teams.  Here are the levels and descriptions:

  • Varsity Level:
    • Varsity should be, in general, viewed as the top two players in each position, regardless of grade level.  Those positions are:
      • 1’s – Point Guards
      • 2’s – Shooting Guards
      • 3’s – Small Forwards
      • 4’s – Power Forwards
      • 5’s – Centers
      • And up to two other utility players that play special roles or multiple positions.
    • Class/grade level is irrelevant on the varsity team.  It is our best TEAM the program can offer as decided by the coaching staff.  It is determined on factors ranging from attitude, to work ethic, to skill, to physical size, to understanding of the game, to needs for effective game prep planning throughout the season.
    • Example: on simple one on one matchups, the 10 best player may all be guards.  However, we need size to be competitive at a varsity level too.  Therefore, it is likely the varsity team will be comprised of a combination of  the top 6 perimeter players and top 4 post players that best give the varsity team a chance to win games.
  • JV Level:
    • This is a usually a sophomore class heavy group (and sometimes junior class level) developmental team.
    • Generally sophomores play here along with any juniors who don't make Varsity but are showing enough potential to possibly play Varsity as seniors.
    • The primary goal of the JV team is to work on skills and get competitive experience that prepares the student athlete for the Varsity level in following years.
  • Frosh Level:
    • This is a usually a freshmen class heavy group (and sometimes sophomore class level) developmental team.
    • Generally freshmen play here along with any sophomores who don't make JV but are showing enough potential to possibly play JV or Varsity as juniors.
    • The primary goal of the Frosh team is to work on skills, teach the programs offensive and defensive philosophies and sets, and get competitive experience that prepares the student athlete for the JV & Varsity levels in following years.

2019-2020 SCHEDULES

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Schedules subject to change!

Admission Prices

Visiting Students with ASB Card $3.00

General Admission $5.00

Children through 8th grade $3.00

Senior Citizens $3.00