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Concussion Management

Concussion Management



Concussion Management

(In compliance with California State Law Education Code 49475, and CIF bylaw.)

I. Education

    A. Parents and students are supplied an educational handout in the Athletic Packet, which is to be

read and signed yearly.  

B. A copy of the document can be found on the THS Athletic Website in the Athletic


II. Baseline Testing

    A. THS offers a free baseline ImPACT test to all athletes.  

i. This is a cognitive assessment test administered by the Athletic Trainer and

used by Physicians to assist in determining the appropriate return to  participation

recommendations following a concussion.  

ii. A baseline test is needed to make the most accurate recommendation.

iii. Tests are offered at the start of each sporting season.

III. Removal from Participation

    A. Any player suspected of having sustained a concussion will be removed from participation

(practice or games) by the athletic trainer, coach, or game official.

    B. The athlete will not be returned to participation until the athletic trainer has

completed an evaluation and determines no concussion has been sustained.

C If any signs or symptoms of a concussion are observed or reported the athlete must

be evaluated by a MD, or DO who has concussion evaluation training.

    D. Coaches or parents cannot make the return to participation decision.

IV. Return to Participation (all three criteria must be met)

    A. Physician Clearance (MD or DO only)

        i. Athletes are required to obtain a medical clearance note from a physician trained in

concussion evaluation.

a. Medical clearance must be for full, unrestricted return to sport after completing

the state mandated 7 day graduated return to play protocol.

b. If the physician determines no concussion was sustained,

please ask that they clearly state, in writing, that NO concussion was sustained,

and turn that medical clearance note into the athletic trainer who will give the

coach a return to participation decision.

ii.Medical clearance notes are only valid when received by the athletic trainer.


    B. ImPACT

        i. The athlete must complete a post injury ImPACT test within normal range of baseline.

        ii. If no baseline test was taken prior to suffering a concussion, ImPact test results will be

compared to ImPACT’s large normative database.  This is not ideal, a baseline is


    C. Supervised Graduated Return to Physical Exertion

        i. The athletic trainer will conduct a gradual return to exertion protocol, to

ensure no return of concussion signs or symptoms.

a. Begins with visual motor assessment, balance training, light aerobics,then

moves on to, heavy aerobics, plyometrics, controlled non contact practice, full

practice participation, and concluding with restriction free return to sport..

b. This will take a minimum of 7 days.

        ii.  This can begin as soon as the physician clears the athlete to begin the graduated return



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